Mindful Living: The Basics

What exactly is Mindfulness/Mindful Living?


Mindfulness is the simple act of paying attention. Mindful Living is extending that attention to all aspects of one’s life. The usual goals with Mindful Living are happiness, health, wealth, quality of life, and the feeling of being completely in control is obtained. Mindful Living is about finding, creating, and living a life you want to live. A life that is on your own terms. It is about freedom that comes from being able to choose rather than letting patterns of behavior determine our actions. It is about taking a close look at and monitoring aspects of life so helpful and unhelpful patterns can be discovered. Mindful Living is the simple act of paying attention to our lives.


How Does Mindfulness Show Itself in Our Lives?


Mindful Living is about making choices. Choices that either help us get what we want out of life or get in the way of getting what we want out of life. Mindfulness shows itself in the choices we make. It shows itself in how we take into consideration what effect the choices we make today will have on tomorrow.

Mindfulness is the awareness of the choices we make in our lives and how those choices affect our lives. Often we are not aware that we are making a choice. A simple example would be the anger we feel when someone cuts us off while driving. We often get angry but we don’t often stop to consider that we are making the choice to feel angry in that moment. The other time we might not be aware of a choice we are making is a time when the choices between the two options are so black and white that considering the choice doesn’t happen. In both those cases we are not stopping to consider we have a choice.


I realize that this could turn out to really be several different posts each dealing with one of these topics but since I will be writing in more detail on each of the points raised as time goes on so I’m not going to worry about covering too much ground with this one post.


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